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Control Panels

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F.A.T.I. can supply electric control panels for the regulation and control of electrical heaters to satisfy all Customers requests without power limit. The panels are designed and constructed to guarantee maximum reliability and safety in accordance with a current standard. The power controls can be On-Off type or with SCR single phase or three phases with two to three lines with zero-crossing or phase angle commutation control. FATI use high quality components for the construction of their control panels. Engineering and implementation of systems for the automation and management of industrial machinery, industrial ovens (electric / combustion), process control, start up, certification.

Following services are being offered -

  • Analysis of the needs of the Customer
  • Study of the project and the proposed technical solutions
  • Choice of materials and equipment
  • Drafting of wiring diagrams with software
  • Review and discuss the project with the customer
  • Development of the soft-ware on - PLC and / or system of supervision by BUS Field (MOD-BUS, Profibus)
  • Construction of hardware control panel
  • Testing, calibration instruments and certification of the product
  • Drafting of the operators and maintenance manual
  • Start up and training to the customer (when required)

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