Electric Heat Exchangers

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Electric Heat Exchangers

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FATI can offer you a wide variety of electrical exchangers in special construction fully in accordance with clients specifications and requirements. Electric circulation heaters and process heating systems for heating a wide range of industrial liquids and gases. They consist of Electric Heater Bundle and Vessel.

Mechanical design codes include ASME, BS5500, ISPESL(PED), STOOMWEZEN, TEMA, AD MERKBLATTER, or any other recognized code.

Technical Specification
Flange Size: To suit customer process requirement
Flange Rating: 150-300-600-900-1500-2500
Flange MOC: CS, SS 304, SS 310, SS 316, SS 321
Flange Standard: ANSI/ASME/DIN
Shell MOC: CS, SS 304, SS 310, SS 316, SS 321
Degree Protection of Enclosure: IP 67
Dia of Heating Elements: 8.5mm, 12.5mm, 16mm
Element MOC: CS, SS 304, SS 310, SS 316, SS 321, Inconel 600, Incoloy 800
Immersion Length: Upto 6000mm
Control & Monitoring: Integrally Provided with Thermocouple or PT100 RTD, Thermostat Optionally Provided with TT
Area Classification: Safe Area/Ex'd' Zone 1/Zone 2 , IIA/IIB/IIC, T6
Heat Duty: To suit customer process requirement
Process gas Demineralised
fresh water
Thermal oil and liquid hydrocarbons
Air or nitrogen Natural methane gas Process Gas
Solvent Steam Generation SRU

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